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Sungard UV Window films

The sun UV rays can have harmful effects on skin and cause irreparable damage to fabrics, furnishings, ornaments, and paintings. 

UV window films cut out 99% of UV rays helping to slow the affects of fading and the associated damages that can be caused.  

Providing an effective solution to excess heat, glare and protection against UV rays.

The films work by reflecting away the sun's energy, preventing the steady build-up of heat throughout the day. The films can also reduce glare by up to 81% and rejects 99% of UV rays - one of the main contributors to fading.

Some of the films are reflective in appearance, meaning they are also suitable for use as a daytime one-way privacy solution. 

We only use Top quality SunGard Residential or commercial UV Window films which are produced directly in USA.


- Some of the window films are generally one-way vision from outside during the day but crystal clear from inside as you can see in the pictures.

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